Band FAQ

  1. Do I have to be a great player to join band?


NO!!  Many of the band’s current members had never played an instrument before joining the band at the high school.  We have summer sectionals and band camp to provide students focussed time to practice with their instruments.


  1. Do I have to be in band during the school day to be in Marching Band?




  1. Do I have to be in Marching Band if I join band?




  1. What will we need to purchase while in band?


Below is a list of items band members will need to purchase. Listed costs are approximations.

NOTE:   Please be aware that no student is excluded from participating in band because of an inability to purchase necessary items.  Please see Mr. Flynn if you have any concerns.

  • All Band Members
    • Marching Shoes ($35)
  • Winds and Percussion Only
    • Dry Cleaning ($30)
  • Winds Only
    • Black gloves ($10)
  • Percussion Only
    • Drumsticks or mallets (costs vary)
  • Color Guard Only
    • Unitard ($30)
    • Warm up outfit ($40)
    • Gloves ($12)


  1. What are summer sectionals?


Sectionals during the summer are held by the section leaders and held at various students houses. They are designed to help the players get ready for band camp and get a head start on the music. They are not mandatory if students have plans for summer vacations.


  1. What is band camp and how much do we rehearse?


Band camp is one week during the summer where the group learns the drill to the fall show. It is always 2 weeks before school starts. See the form below for an example of the band camp schedule. For the fall 2009 marching season, band camp will be held August 17th – 21st.

Band Camp schedule


  1. What should I bring to band camp?


  1. Sun block
  2. Sun block
  3. Sun block
  4. Hats are required!!!
  5. Sneakers are required!!!
    • NO sandals, flip flops or other open toe/top footwear
  6. Bring lots of water!!!
    • NO Soda
  7. Bring lunch everyday and dinner for Tuesday and Thursday
  8. All music in a 3 ring binder and a pencil
  9. Your dot book
  10. Did I mention Sun Block?


  1. Is it possible to participate in band and sports?


The schedule for band is intense for the months of September and October. We are always willing to work through the schedule for anyone who wishes to participate in other activities. After the first week of November the band does not have many after school commitments unless the student wishes to join a winter Activity (i.e. Winter Percussion, Winter Guard or Jazz Band).


  1. How often do we rehearse and how long is the fall season?


See the attached schedule for September through the first week of November. After Marching Band season is over November 11, the band has very few after school commitments unless the student wishes to join a winter Activity (i.e. Winter Percussion, Winter Guard or Jazz Band).

(Link the yearly schedule here)


  1. Why does the band rehearse so much after school?


The Marching Band has always been known for its high quality of performance and is consistently rated high in state competitions. It is important that in the short time we have in the fall that the group performs to best of its ability.


  1. Do we practice before football games?


We practice from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, then eat dinner and go to the game for 7:00 pm.


  1. How do we check for updates in the schedule?


You can find monthly schedules, show schedules, pictures, and other information on the various pages of this website.


  1. What are the shows we travel to like?


A typical show day will include a short practice in the afternoon, loading of the equipment trucks, traveling to the show, unloading of the equipment, warming up before performing, performing, loading of the equipment back onto the trucks, watching the rest of the show and awards, traveling home, and unloading of the equipment. The following is an example schedule.

Rehearsal: 1:00 – 4:30pm
Run Through: 4:30pm
Load Trucks: 4:45 – 5:30pm
Depart: 5:30pm
Perform: 8:15pm
Awards: 9:30pm
Arrive Back at Shepherd Hill: 11:15pm


  1. Does the band take a trip each year?


In the past the band and the choruses have alternately taken spring trips. In the spring of 2006, the band travelled to Toronto to participate in a local music festival. In the spring of 2008 the band travelled to Disney World, in Orlando, where the Jazz Band performed and the Marching Band marched through the Magic Kingdom.

In recent years, the Marching Band has ended its competition season with a trip to the USSBA regional or national championships. These competitions have been held in locations such as Allentown (PA), Baltimore (MD) and Annapolis (MD).


  1. Does the band take a trip this year?


For the fall 2009 marching season, the band is hoping to travel to Annalopolis, MD to participate in the USSBA Nationals November 5th – 8th.